The updating of the Marches Strategic Economic Plan and the development of a Local Industrial Strategy represents a huge opportunity for the area.

Find out below how we are taking this forward. 

Our Strategic Economic Plan was developed in 2014. Since then, the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and key partners have accessed more than £104m in Government funding to support economic growth and we’ve achieved a great deal as detailed in our annual report.

It’s time to look ahead and, against the backdrop of the Government’s Industrial Strategy LEPs have been tasked with developing Local Industrial Strategies (LIS) to drive economic growth, raise productivity and create more prosperous communities. To make sure we are concentrating on the right things, we’re updating our evidence base and our Strategic Economic plan so that we have a clear view of issues affecting the Marches economy.

Our approach

The Marches LEP has hosted a number of consultation events with businesses, sector groups and other private and public-sector stakeholders to gather feedback on future productivity and economic growth.

We also asked for Marches businesses to complete a short survey  to let us know what’s affecting their organisations and their views on our opportunities for economic growth.

You can find the LEP’s 2014 Strategic Economic Plan here which set out how the partnership intends to make its vision a reality and demonstrates how both central Government funding and European Union funding can be targeted to help drive growth.

The LEP has reviewed the evidence base for its Strategic Economic Plan, the results of which are available below.

The Marches SEP Evidence Base

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