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Formal arrangements have been put in place to ensure effective decision-making and democratic accountability.

The Marches LEP manages substantial public funds that are required to deliver the Marches Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) and Growth Programme, including European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) and Single Local Growth Funds.

Handling of Confidential and Exempt Information

The Marches LEP complies with The Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012 regarding confidential information.

Confidential information means information given to the Council by a Government Department on terms which forbid its public disclosure or information which cannot be publicly disclosed by Court Order and as fully defined in Section 100A(3) of the Local Government Act 1972.

The process adopted for the handling confidential and exempt information is as follows:

  • Documents shall be accessed against the established criteria and must be considered to match the criteria in order to be deemed confidential.
  • In the event a document is assessed as being confidential it shall be marked as such listing the appropriate Local Government Act 1972 exemption.
  • Where papers are excluded from publication, a cover report setting out the decision(s) to be taken and the grounds for exemption will be published, and a private paper will be circulated to the Board.

Board meetings

Board meetings are open to members of the public who may attend as observers but they are not public meetings. In order to access a virtual Board meeting, please email to request a link to use in order to be able access the meeting online using the Zoom app. You may then join to listen to the meeting.

View upcoming and past Board meetings

Publication of meeting papers and agendas

Agendas and papers will be published 5 clear working days before the meeting takes place. Minutes will be published within 10 clear working days of the meeting taking place. Any declaration of interests made at the meeting are included within the minutes. A new declaration of interest will be updated on the relevant members register of interest form (adopted for all of our governance structures).


The Marches LEP has been structured in the interests of minimising bureaucracy, cost and duplication; achieving speedy decision making and delivery; and sharing expertise and resources.

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Policies and procedures

The Marches LEP is committed to ensuring we have effective and robust corporate governance arrangements in place helping to fulfil our role in driving local economic growth across the region.

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Our accounts are prepared in order to be fully transparent about how funding is being committed and spent.

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Tenders and Vacancies

The latest information on funding calls, contracts and vacancies on the LEP team and Board can be found here.

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