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Our vision

A clear vision and our strengths and assets give us a strong basis on which to further drive growth and productivity.

Building on the evidence and engagement with partners we have agreed a clear set of ambitions.

We do not underestimate these challenge but the prize is significant and our strategy is based on a strong evidence base. Delivering our goals could help the Marches achieve significant growth by 2038.

Our vision for the Marches:

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Open for business

Be known as a place that is open for business, stands up for business and takes a pro-growth approach to business support.

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At the forefront of change

A place that embraces new technology and improved connectivity to enable businesses and people to develop and succeed.

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A growing place

Attract more people to come, stay and build their careers and businesses in our fantastic region.

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A destination, not a boundary

A place with significant natural and cultural resources that attracts people looking for a high-quality experience.

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Pioneer for innovation

Digitally driven health and social care for dispersed populations, supporting healthy ageing and economic participation in later life.

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A centre of excellence

From advanced manufacturing and cyber security, to development of agri-tech, environment and food production.

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Inclusive of all communities

Enable residents from all communities to thrive and develop with quality jobs offering good wages, training and progression.

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Collaborative and proactive

Encourage business, education and public organisations to work together making the Marches a great place to start and grow a business.

By 2038, we have the potential to:

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Grow our economy by £8.7bn to £23.8bn

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Increase GVA per head to £29,425

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Raise our population to £807,500

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Build 54,400 new homes

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Create 5,200 new businesses & 58,700 new jobs

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Increase residents with Level 3+ qualifications to 60%

What we offer

The Marches provides an outstanding business environment, offering both employers and staff the best of work and home life.

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Our economy

Our economic strategy combines our vision and values with a clear plan towards achieving our ambitions for significant growth by 2038.

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