The Marches Energy Strategy was officially launched in July 2019. The Strategy, funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), recognises the way that energy is generated and consumed in the UK is changing and the challenges that will need to be faced. The current energy infrastructure is already at capacity in many areas and this presents both a threat to future business and housing development.

There is also an opportunity to invest in innovation that can overcome these challenges while providing a unique selling point for those in the energy supply chain to invest in the area.

The 10-year energy strategy and implementation plan aims to address many of the issues surrounding energy management in the Marches region.

The key targets are summarised in the following diagram:

In order to deliver these goals a Steering Group with representatives from business, communities and the local authorities is being formed. The Steering Group will report on the progress made, and regular updates will be posted here.

For further information about the Marches Energy Strategy, please contact

The Marches Energy Strategy and Executive summary can be found below:

Marches LEP Energy Strategy Executive Summary

Marches LEP Energy Strategy

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