The European Social Fund (ESF) works to help people improve their lives by learning new skills and finding better jobs, whilst promoting social inclusion.
The Marches LEP area has been allocated around £42m from the ESF for 2014-2020 and has developed a range of priorities to put the money to best use.ESF - European Social Fund Logo

Those priorities – drawn up in line with national guidelines – are:

  • Helping jobseekers and those who are disadvantaged overcome barriers to work and find lasting employment.
  • Ensuring young people can make the transition from school to work as smoothly as possible, and have access to vital training and developmental opportunities.
  • Helping those at risk of social exclusion because they are in disadvantaged groups or face multiple barriers to getting into the workforce.
  • Improving the skills of individuals to meet both their goals and the needs of the local economy through training, advice and support.
  • Ensuring training and education meets the needs of the local economy and involves the business community.

ESF projects in the Marches

ESF opportunities


Marches ESIF Strategy
Marches LEP Skills Plan
ESF Operational Programme 2014-2020
ESF Operational Programme Guidance
ESF Action Notes

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