Are you an employee looking to upgrade or refresh your skills to meet the demands of the fast-changing world of work, or looking for new job opportunities to fulfil your potential?

Or are you an employer who wants to ensure your staff have access to the most relevant training which meets the needs of your business as it adapts to the post Covid-19 landscape?

If so, our new Marches Work and Training Tool will help you find just the job opportunity, training or development opportunity which is right for you or your business.

The new micro-website will guide you through a series of simple diagnostic questions before suggesting the training or skills provision best suited to you.

In these uncertain times, it’s an invaluable tool for both employers and employees alike.

Examples of the schemes which form part of the database for the new website include the Government Kickstart scheme, the Construction Talent Retention Scheme, Life Ready, Work Ready programme, Skills Support for Work programme, apprenticeships and redundancy support projects.

Simply visit The Marches Work and Training Tool to get your journey started.

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