The Marches has a vision; to create 70,000 new homes and almost 40,000 new jobs over the next 20 years accelerating growth and providing opportunities for all who live and work here.

The Lawley development in Telford.
The Lawley development in Telford

It is an ambition which will be realised through strong stewardship and strong partnerships between the local authorities and private sector.

The LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan sets out how the partnership intends to make its vision a reality and demonstrates how both central Government funding and European Union funding can be targeted to help drive growth.

The Plan forms the basis of the LEP’s deal with central Government, as it transfers some of its decision making power to the regions and allows both the private and public sector in this area a bigger say on how Government and European money is spent.

In 2016,  LEP began a review of the evidence base for its Strategic Economic Plan, the initial results of this are available below and further work is ongoing.

Final Marches SEP Evidence Refresh Report

The Marches LEP’s European Strategic and Investment Fund Strategy, is a key component of the Marches LEP Strategic Economic Plan.

More information on the European Structural Investment Fund can be found below:


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