Millions to benefit from enhanced rights as government responds to Taylor review of modern working practices

February 13, 2018

Millions of flexible workers will receive new rights under major government reforms as the UK becomes one of the first countries to address the challenges of the changing world of work in the modern economy.
The Good Work plan comes in response to the independent Taylor Review, published last year, which investigated what impact modern working practices are having on the world of work. The review found that the strength of the UK’s labour market is built on flexibility but a clearer focus is needed on quality of work as well as the quantity of jobs.
In some cases the Government plans to go further than the review’s proposals, including: Enforcing vulnerable workers’ holiday and sick pay for the first time; a right to a written statement on day one of rights including holiday and sick pay entitlements and a new right to a payslip for all workers, including casual and zero-hour workers; a right for all workers, not just zero-hour and agency, to request a more stable contract, providing more financial security for those on flexible contracts.
The reforms are a vital part of the Industrial Strategy, the Government’s long-term plan to build a Britain fit for the future by helping businesses creates better, higher-paying jobs in every part of the UK.
Delivering on the Prime Minister’s pledge to not just protect but build on workers’ rights, the Government set out proposals to ensure workers know their rights and receive the benefits and protections they are entitled to, and that action is taken against employers who breach workers’ rights.
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