Diversity call for Telford Business Board applications

November 10, 2020

Telford Business Board currently has just over 30 Members and is looking to add around a further 10 business owners from the widest possible ethnic, age and gender perspectives. Their businesses will be based in the Telford area and of any size, and this is your opportunity to really make a difference for your sector.
“We’re proud to be well represented by women across our Board” explained Telford Business Board’s Vice-Chair and leader of the recruitment drive Will Westley. “But we’re very conscious that we serve a dynamic and vibrant business community which isn’t otherwise wholly represented on our Board as yet.”
“And without the widest possible representation we can’t have the awareness of issues and opportunities facing those particular business communities here in Telford. Growing and diversifying our Membership can only be a positive thing for all concerned.”
Board Meetings are currently held monthly, remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic, but face-to-face at Member-owned locations around Telford more usually. All members contribute their time and knowledge as volunteers. There may be some work or support requirement between meetings, but this would be at a Member’s instigation and choice.
Applications forms can be requested by emailing telford-businessboard@outlook.com and the intention is to have most, if not all, of the new cohort ready to attend the first meeting in 2021.

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