Companies invited to join US trade missions

August 22, 2016

Food and drink sector companies are being invited to join a trade mission to the US as part of a Midlands Engine initiative which aims to boost economic growth across the Midlands.

This is a unique opportunity for Marches companies to take part in the inaugural Midlands Engine trade and investment mission, led by the Secretary of State for the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills.

For the first time, companies from across both East and West Midlands will be involved in a mission that will raise the profile of the region overseas and its strong manufacturing industry across three sectors. As well as the food and drink mission to Chicago, companies from the advanced manufacturing and automotive industries will be visiting the US.

The visits to Chicago,  Toronto and Detroit, will offer great opportunities for companies to gain insights into two of the UK’s  most important trading partners.

Travelling out as part of a Government organised trade contingent will attract greater publicity than a solo visit and help open doors. For companies that are serious about doing business in North America, there is simply no substitute for a personal visit. There will be press coverage and networking events – you will benefit from the support of Trade Advisers before and throughout your visit to ensure that the trip is a success and that you have a clear understanding of the next steps you need to take.

Businesses interested in taking part in the missions in September can download the Market Visit to Chicago – Food & Drink mission information below or click here for more on the advanced manufacturing and automotive visits.

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