The Marches LEP has invested in its research base in order to drive evidence-based policy and investment decisions. Access to accurate, local information and data is critically important in developing robust strategies, plans and projects, as well as supporting competitive bids to attract funding into the Marches.

Local insight

Our Strategic Economic Plan 2019 was based on an updated evidence base and extensive consultation with partners.

The draft Marches Local Industrial Strategy has been developed to complement our SEP and focuses on delivering clean growth and improved productivity, in an inclusive and sustainable way.

We have developed it by working alongside local stakeholders and businesses to gather a new evidence base which understands the challenges and opportunities faced by our key industries today.

The Marches LEP Annual Economic Review 2019 provides an overview of the economic health of the Marches looking at a variety of indicators, from both national and local sources.

As part of the Marches LEP’s work with Midlands Engine, it supported the development of the Midlands Engine LEP Profile – The Marches which collates economic insight across the five foundations of productivity: Ideas, People, Infrastructure, Business Environment and Place.

Sector insight

To complete our understanding of business base, the LEP has commissioned the following research:

Skills insight

Our Skills Advisory Panel has overseen the development of an analytical tool kit and evidence base.  This is used to inform investment decisions and influence how our skills challenges can best be met.

In addition, Sector Deep Dives have been carried out to understand skills issues in the Marches key sectors.  The Draft Executive Summary introduces work carried out by the SAP looking at the following sectors:

A study into the construction sector was also completed as part of our partnership working with CITB.

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